UK Government – Sign the Nuclear Weapons Treaty

In 2017 the UN adopted the long-awaited Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. It was adopted by 122 UN member states, but not the UK. Already 58 governments have signed and nine have ratified, so the Treaty is well on the way to entering into force.

In 2017, ICAN (nternational Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing the treaty into being;  we’re very proud that Rebecca Johnson, founding Co-Chair of ICAN, is also a London Woman in Black.

On 30 May and 13 June, we’re asked members of the public to write to the UK Prime Minister, and ask her to sign and ratify this important treaty, which will outlaw all nuclear weapons. Many passers by agreed with us, and suggested that the money would be better spent on the National Health Service. We agreed!

Read our leaflet here.

Download (PDF, 101KB)

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