Virtual Vigils

London WiBs have had a week of anguished discussions about whether or not to continue with our weekly vigils.

We have decided that it is best if we no longer have our weekly vigils – in order to stay healthy and ready for when we can do it again.

We will try to take small actions locally where possible, putting posters and stickers in our windows, and keep in touch online and share ideas.

Pat created this leaflet/photo…. we hope the first of a fab’ series. Thanks Pat.

To all our WiB supporters in London and beyond – keep well and stay positive and active – both physically and politically.

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One thought on “Virtual Vigils

  • Bria OBrien

    Hi- If the UK had not changed paths and decided to try to slow/stop the virus and save lives would you have protested or held vigil in protest of the government’s approach? I live in Sweden (where it looks like there is not a Women in Black group) and Sweden is following the path to let the virus take its course and hopes the healthcare system can keep up. As of yesterday 239 people have died. In neighboring Norway they have taken many strong measures for social distancing and even though they started with a steeper climb of cases their death toll as of yesterday was under 40 people. I am wondering if you think it would be appropriate to hold vigil somewhere in Stockholm in protest to the action taken by the Swedish state. The old and the vulnerable are dying here and I am worried it will get worse. I realize that is the case everywhere, but in this case I feel the government is purposefully steering us in this direction. Thank you for your insight.