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One thought on “This week’s virtual vigil : Iran

  • Carole Alubaid

    I am humbled to be married to a wonderful caring generous family man….from Iraq. He is also the saddest inside himself
    I want to thank you all for your work and vigils often in the snow wind and rain … because we as a family know War brings millions of deaths
    the destruction of cities towns and their civil society and all health kinds services, and creation of civil wars. This has gone on for decades against Iraq. The West used Depleted Uranium weapons all over Iraq resulting in thousands of head spinningly grotesque birth defects which go from generation to generation. In many areas in Iraq women are asked not to have children by the doctors because of this. Iraq has suffered too much
    Bless you all for caring for your fellow man and the Iraqi people always thank you.
    Carole Alubaid Edinburgh Wibs for 19 years.