Israeli & Palestinian women struggle for justice

Years of illegal military occupation, restriction of movement, blockades and destruction of homes has caused devastation to communities in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.  This is made worse by Israel’s plans to annex more land in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories.

Israeli and Palestinian women struggle for justice

Hallel Rabin is an 18 year old conscientious objector. “I’ve already been jailed for 14 days, because I don’t want to become a soldier for the occupation of Palestine… I tried to ask for exemption on the grounds of conscience, but the military refused to grant it. I’ve been sent to prison time after time in order to break my spiritI was raised on the values of freedom, compassion and love. Fighting to keep another nation enslaved contradicts these values

Shireen Elayan from Bethlehem  speaks about the olive harvest season.  “The settlers have burned our land five times.  We have lost 150 olive trees, beside the settlement. One year they put chemicals on the trees, and there was no harvest that year. But most of the trees survived, even our oldest tree.”

· Find out more about the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Day of Action on 28 November

· The UK has consistently sold arms to Israel, in spite of its illegal occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem since 1967.  More here.

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