Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s six year war with Yemen has created the world’s worst humanitarian crisis (UN). Hundreds of thousands have been killed and 1.71 million children are internally displaced. The conflict has devastated the health care system, with 49 per cent of health facilities not functioning.
The UK Government is contributing to this crisis. Campaign against Arms Trade (CAAT) claim the UK has sold Saudi Arabia £5.4bn worth of arms since the Yemen war began.
Last week the US reported it will freeze arms sales to Saudi Arabia. According to CAAT this could set a vital precedent and could help to force action from the UK and the other arms-dealing governments.

What you can do
Share this leaflet with others, forward as an email, share on FB or Twitter or print and hand on. Display it in your window or on your door.
Find out more about the conflict and its consequences using some of the websites given.
Write to your MP using this resource:

Use #YemenCantWait in any social media posts that you create.

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