Focus on Israel & Palestine

The Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip in May resulted in more than 200 Palestinian dead, half of whom were women and children. Over 20 Palestinians in the West Bank were killed in clashes with Israeli security forces and settler activity. Twelve people in Israel died as a result of Hamas rocket attacks.
Hundreds of Palestinian homes and other structures have been destroyed, electricity and water networks impaired and roads damaged. 

The on-going illegal occupation by Israel continues with house demolitions, land grabs, detention of minors and the flouting of international law.

End arms sales to Israel.  CAAT report that UK has licensed almost £400
million worth of arms to Israel since 2015.   

Arrange a meeting with your MP at the on-line Lobby of Parliament on 8 July.  Details here

Or write to your MP with your concerns about arms sales to Israel and
human rights abuse in Palestine.

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