No to violence against women

Rape, forced prostitution and sexual trafficking are a common tactic of war, conflict and terrorism today. More here

· One example is Afghanistan where years of conflict, poverty and the use of religion and culture as a justification to control women, are a feature of gender violence against  women.  We read of targeted killings of high profile women and girls pursuing education.

· The End Violence Against Women Coalition undertakes campaigning and advocacy work on behalf of women and girls.  Read more about their current work on rape crime, COVID violence, street safety for women and more.


· Become familiar with  the Domestic Abuse Act (April 2021)

· Lobby the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative to ensure that women
take a leadership role in reporting, planning and implementing  policies and
practices that safeguard women and girls.  PSVI 

· Find out about /support Women’s Aid

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