With now only four months to go before the planned DSEI arms fair, this week we’re again asking Londoners to make their voices heard, and to help all those campaigning against the arms fair to ensure it is never held in London again. Today was also Conscientious Objectors’ Day – celebrated around the world to […]

Stop the Arms Fair!   Recently updated !

As forces in Gaza, desperate for an end to the blockade and seige imposed on them by Israel, have recently fired rockets into Tel Aviv, in response Israel has bombed strategic sites in the Gaza Strip. This week we call –  as we do every month, for an end to the Occupation, now in its […]

Palestine – getting worse by the day   Recently updated !

This is the question we are asking people during our vigils on 17 and 24 April and 1st May to mark the Global Days of Action on Military Spending. GDAMS are calling on states to demilitarize, and invest in what people really need. You can find out more about GDAMS and their campaign here. Women […]

Your alternatives to military spending?

We have six months to stop the DSEI arms trade fair, planned to take place in London in September 2019. Alongside the Campaign aganust the Arms Trade, Stop DSEI and other activists, Women in Black call on the UK government to end their sale of weapons which fuel the death, destruction and injustice perpetrated by […]

Six months to stop the Arms Trade Fair in London

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day with members of others women’s organisations – Southall Black Sisters, Million Women Rise and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – calling for an end to violence against women in peace and war.

International Women’s Day

February’s vigils draw attention to the refugee and displaced women throughout the world, the UK government’s failure to admit refugees and grant asylum, and the appaling practice of detaining refugees indefinitely, including the continued detention of women at the YarlsWood Immigration Removal Centre.

Support Refugee Women

We continue with this important theme for the rest of the month. Today, as we held our vigil, protests were also taking place outside a London hotel where arms dealers were holding a dinner. See our leaflet in last week’s vigil entry.

End Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia