Despite last week’s amazing protests, with more than 100 arrests, the market in guns, tanks, warships, missiles and drones at London’s Excel centre is going ahead this week, attended by more than 35,000 “delegates” (customers) from 68 countries, including  Egypt, Bangladesh, Colombia, Uzbekistan and Gulf states. Last year, the government boasted of more than £18 billion in […]

London – Arms Trade Market in London now

#StopTheArmsFair protests have continued in London’s docklands all this week. With more than 60 Quakers arrested yesterday during their silent worship, today our friends from the peace/anti-nuclear movement were successfully blocking trucks from carrying their arms and tanks into the Excell Centre. Protests will continue for the rest of the week. We were especially pleased […]

Stop DSEI – #StopTheArmsFair

With only a few weeks to go before the DSEI arms fair is due to open in London’s Docklands,  we gave out a record number of our amended leaflets this week, and gathered a lot of support from Londoners.

Stop the Arms Trade Fair

As the INF treaty between USA and Russia is abandoned , we remember what happened in the Japanese cities  hit by the first atom bombs on 6 and 9 August 1945. We also remind our new prime minister of his international obligations, and call on him to abandon the current Trident system – and  to […]

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Last month the Campaign against Arms Trade won a significant legal victory when the Court of Appeal ruled unlawful current procedures to determine whether they might be used to commit war crimes or crimes against humanity in Yemen. While the government has temporarily suspended the issuing of new licences, while they decide whether to appeal […]

UK’s arms sales ruled unlawful – stop them now