Photographs, side by side of vigils placing"to do" demainds on governments
We call on the goverment to protect refugees; end arms sales to Saudi Arabia; cancel the UK’s nuclear weapons programme and prosecute war crimes of sexual violence.

Priorities for Peace

Global Days of Action against Military Spending. Redefining Security. It seems particularly appropriate at this time to rethink what real security means. How would you spend the “defence” budget? For the cost of one Trident nuclear missile you could buy 17 million masks to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Women in Black have repeatedly […]

Healthcare not warfare

Support for Gaza
We join with human rights organisations from the region and around the world to call on the Israeli authorities to live up to their legal and moral obligations and assist the Palestinian health systems—in Gaza and the West Bank—both with combating the pandemic and caring for those patients who are in critical need of continuous […]

Israel: protect Palestinians from CV19 and provide access to healthcare

London WiBs have had a week of anguished discussions about whether or not to continue with our weekly vigils. We have decided that it is best if we no longer have our weekly vigils – in order to stay healthy and ready for when we can do it again. We will try to take small […]

Virtual Vigils

Women holding banners at WiB Vigil
We were joined this week (26 February) by students from SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), who were a very welcome addition to our vigil. We also received a rather disengenous reply from the government. Although they say “The Government remains fully committed to complying twith the 20 June 2019 Court Order”, fails to […]

Stop Arms Sales to Saudi

This week – 12 March – and for the next two weeks, we’re continuing to protest about the continued sales of UK-manufactured arms to Saudi Arabia. Read our leaflet to find out why.

Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

Our regular monthly vigil for justice and peace for Palestinians took place a few days after the “plan” announced by Trump and Netanyahu, written by Trump’s son-in-law without any consultation with Palestinians or their representatives. This “deal” tramples over the rights of Palestinians; attempts to legitimise the Occupation and unlawful Israeli settlements, condemned by the […]

No to Trump’s “deal” for Palestinians