End UK Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia; 25 January 2017

As evidence grows for the use of UK weapons and expertise in Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen, this week’s vigils focuses on how the UK is fuelling the conflict in Yemen. We also highlight an upcoming legal challenge to the UK’s arms sales by our friends in the Campaign against the Arms Trade (CAAT).

Vigil 19 October 2016: Support a new UN treaty to ban and eradicate all nuclear weapons

Women in Black in London’s vigil this week focuses on the UN, which is expected to vote to start multilateral negotiations on a new treaty that will make the use, deployment, manufacture and possession of nuclear weapons illegal and require the elimination of existing arsenals, including the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system. [Our leaflet will […]

New leaflet, new Facebook page – thank you Candela!

Over the last month WIB-London has been lucky enough to have a wonderful volunteer to help us with our work. She’s sorted out our collection of banners and placards, made a new leaflet (see below)and taken it around to women’s meetings and wherever likely WiBs might be, she made us a new Facebook page, and […]

Stop Trident Vigils in July

With an updated leaflet, we held two vigils calling for the end to the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system, on 1 and 22 July.