No to arms for sale in London

Tonight we meet again between 6 – 7 pm at the Edith Cavell Statue, Trafalgar Square 

Women in Black London appeals to the UK Government to:

Ensure that safe passage out of Afghanistan is provided to those who are especially at risk of the Taliban; not limit the numbers of Afghan refugees we welcome to the 20,000 announced on 17 August; not criminalise those from Afghanistan seeking asylum in the UK.

Protect the people of Afghanistan, especially women, girls and human rights defenders, from any further violence and violation of rights following the 40 years of war and Taliban take-over.  Humanitarian aid initiatives must involve women in decision making and take account of human rights. Due to UK foreign aid cuts, Afghanaid was been forced to end a project helping 10,500 women in rural Afghanistan with livelihoods, literacy and knowledge of reproductive health.  The UK should ensure that such projects continue and thrive with recently announced increased aid.

Cancel the DSEI Arms Fair: Plans to host the 2021 DSEI Arms Fair in London this September must be stopped.  Afghanistan awash with weapons as result of 40 years of war.  The trade in arms cannot be controlled. The UK has provided £45 million worth of weapons to Afghanistan in the past 3 years. War and military intervention do nothing to create the peace and justice longed for by the people of Afghanistan. 

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