Justice for Palestinians

29 November, International day of Solidarity with the People of Israel and 10 December, UN Human Rights Day.

Our vigils for 1st and 8th December 2022.

There is no end to the 54 year Israeli Occupation which severely impacts on the lives of women and children.
UN Security Council Resolution 242 obliged Israel to withdraw from territories occupied in 1967. Israel has
ignored this resolution and other demands of international law and continues with its illegal acts. The illegal
Occupation is maintained through military means which the UK supports through the arms it sells to Israel.
Human rights are abused daily as Palestinians are denied freedom of movement, have land taken for
settlement development and are subject to arbitrary arrest. In October, six Palestinian human rights
organisations were designated “Terrorist Organisations” by the Israeli government. These include Al Haq
Human Rights Association, Defense for Children International and the Union of Palestinian Women’s
The people of Gaza face on-going dangers, hardships and abuse of rights caused by Israeli closures since
2007 and multiple military attacks by Israel between 2008 and 2021.

Take action
Register your concerns with your MP at the Lobby of Parliament on 7 December


Urge your MP to sign this EDM which calls for an end to UK arms sales to Israel.


You can download the leaflet, see link below

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