Only justice for Palestinians can bring peace to Israel

Women in Black London continue to urge restraint by all parties to prevent greater bloodshed in this escalated conflict. While sharing the condemnation of Hamas’ attack on Israel last week, we are greatly disturbed by the revenge violence that the Israeli government is pouring on the peoples of Gaza – directly through bombing raids and indirectly by blockades and the siege that has cut off water, electricity and food supplies. As with all acts of military violence, women and children are the most vulnerable and their rights too often ignored. Violence and counter violence simply exacerbate years of injustice. The ongoing occupation of Palestine, and the violence that accompanies it, has been ignored by the world for too long. This occupation includes the demolition of Palestinian homes and commercial buildings. The arrest and detention without trial of children. The clearing of Bedouin communities from their land and lifestyle. Since 2006 Israel has imposed an air, sea and land blockade on Gaza and has now ordered a complete siege, stopping food, water and electricity too.
We offer solidarity to women in Palestine and Israel who work for peace and justice.

Women in Black in London stand in solidarity with Palestinian women in the Occupied Territories in their struggle for justice, peace, well-being and a secure, prosperous and nonviolent future for themselves and their children. We stand with Israeli partners too, such as Women in Black Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the Coalition of Women for Peace, Machsom Watch and other organizations in which Jewish and Palestinian Israeli women work together for a peace agreement and sustain contact with Palestinian women in the West Bank and Gaza. With them, we call for full equality in Israel for Jewish and non-Jewish citizens alike.

Please write to Rt Hon James Cleverly MP, Foreign Secretary, King Charles Street, SW1A 2AH

Dear Mr Cleverley : As we see an escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine, I appeal to the British
Government to use all means in its power to call for a ceasefire and de-escalate the violence in Palestine and Israel and in particular, the violence against the civilian population in Gaza.

At the same time we call for measures that allow humanitarian aid to reach the people of Gaza to ensure that they have medical care, electricity,food and water.
# Bring about a negotiated release of those Hamas holds hostage.
# Call on the Israeli Government to lift the siege on Gaza
# Facilitate independent monitoring of the abuse of women and children in particular in both
Palestine and Israel.
# Seek justice and accountability for Palestinians and action over forced evictions, displacement, settler
violence and ethnic cleansing.
# End the arms trade between the UK and Israel. The weapons and military technology that we buy and
sell are used to enforce the illegal occupation of Palestine.

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2 thoughts on “Only justice for Palestinians can bring peace to Israel

  • Julee Anne O'Neill

    This is no longer a war against borders, lines, man’s past. This has become a war against children. THE slaughter of innocents!

  • Chris Goley

    This brutality must end now.
    Negotiations which respected both sides worked in bringing peace to Ireland 25 years ago.
    I hope that can happen again in Palestine and Israel.