This months vigils called for an end to the UK’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which are fueling the conflict in Yemen. Since 2015, over 10,500 people have been killed; more than three million people have been displaced, and at least eight million people face imminent famine, which worsened after November 2017, because the Saudis […]

End Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia: January 2018

In the weeks running up to Christmas, London Women in Black urged passers-by to give a present for peace by supporting key charities and other organisations working against war, for refugees and for peace.

December 2017: pre-Christmas Vigils

This week we have something to celebrate, ahead of the formal ceremony awarding the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize to ICAN – the International Campaign to Nuclear Weapons – for its work  in bringing about the adoption of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Many cheers from us, especially as Rebecca Johnson, a […]

6 December: ICAN wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Starting off the annual sixteen days of action against violence against women, our leaflet highlighted violence against women in peace and how militarized violence damages both women and the men who perpetrate that violence; and – to commemorate the anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights – emphasized that women’s rights are human rights.

International Day against Violence against Women

This week, London Women in Black joined up with friends from War Resisters International, Forces Watch and other organizations to support the International Week of Action against the Militarization of Youth, (20-26 November 2017). The militarization of youth is a world-wide issue: but as we we live in the only EU country which recruits 16 […]

15 November: Against the Militarization of Youth

The world spends £2.96 billion a day on the military; in Disarmament Week, London Women in Black suggested some ways in which states and civil society could change this.

UN Disarmament Week 25 October 2017

On 20 September 2017, the nuclear ban treaty was opened for signatures by UN member states, with over 50 signing up on the first day. But not the UK government – naturally Women in Black in London took the first opportunity to call on our government to sign this important new treaty.

Nuclear Ban Treaty – September 2017