As the INF treaty between USA and Russia is abandoned , we remember what happened in the Japanese cities  hit by the first atom bombs on 6 and 9 August 1945. We also remind our new prime minister of his international obligations, and call on him to abandon the current Trident system – and  to […]

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Last month the Campaign against Arms Trade won a significant legal victory when the Court of Appeal ruled unlawful current procedures to determine whether they might be used to commit war crimes or crimes against humanity in Yemen. While the government has temporarily suspended the issuing of new licences, while they decide whether to appeal […]

UK’s arms sales ruled unlawful – stop them now

Many people pass our vigil, some stop to take a leaflet, many take photographs, but few take such beautiful and personal images.  Many thanks to Chiara Contrino for these photographs.  

London Women in Black

This week’s vigil was a wonderful opportunity to share our joy in the decision by the Supreme Court that the UK’s sales of arms to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen are unlawful. We handed out lots of leaflets and many passersby signed the letter to the governent calling on them to implement the court’s […]

UK Arms sales to Saudi Arabia ruled unlawful