For our last vigil this month, we again called on the UK goverment to sign the Nuclear Weapons Treaty. In addition , we called on our government to cancel the Trident nuclear weapons programme, including the building of new submarines. We also highlighted the appalling humanitarian, environmental and health impacts of nuclear weapons and radiation, which […]

Sign the Nuclear Weapons Treaty – Eliminate the Arsenals

This week’s vigil , Women in Black and members of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) focused on refugees, and in particular on how our government fails to provide adequate  refue or support. Co-incidentally, UN Refugee Week includes the international day for the Elimination of Sexual Volence in Conflict – one of […]

Refugee Week: Refugee Women

Women in Black is an international movement that was founded in Israel in 1988. Prompted by the first Palestinian intifada, a group of women, Israeli Jews and Palestinian citizens of Israel, stood together to call for an end to the Occupation of Palestinian lands. The first Wednesday of every month we still vigil for this […]

Palestine: End the Occupation

In 2017 the UN adopted the long-awaited Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. It was adopted by 122 UN member states, but not the UK. Already 58 governments have signed and nine have ratified, so the Treaty is well on the way to entering into force. In 2017, ICAN (nternational Campaign to Abolish Nuclear […]

UK Government – Sign the Nuclear Weapons Treaty

24 May is International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament. This week’s vigil highlights what women around the world, from Israel to Korea, are doing for peace and against war.  At the same time, Rebecca Johnson, a London Women in Black and founding President of ICAN, is in South Korea, as part of the Women […]

International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament

With more than 5,000 Palestinians injured and over100 killed by Israeli forces in the last six weeks, Women in Black in London again called on our own government to stop selling arms to Israel, and to work towards a just peace. Responding to hostility from some members of the public, we continue to emphasise that “Our […]


Since the end of March Israeli forces have injured over 5,000 Palestinans and killed at least 45.  London Women in Black call for an end to  – and accountability for – the violence of the Israeli state. You can see our leflet and call to the UK government below.

Israeli armed forces’ deadly response to Palestinian protest

Following Israel’s shooting of unarmed Palestinians in the #GreatReturnMarch, we renew our call on the British Government to #stoparmingisrael. EU countries licensed €370 million of military equipment to Israel in 2016. We also continue to call for the end of the occupation, and the blockade on Gaza, and justice for Palestinians. See February vigil for our […]

Palestine First Wednesday every ...

Global military spending in 2016 reached $1.686 billion. On 11, 18 & 25 April we’ll ask Londoners how they would spend that money. Walk by Edith Cavell statue & tell us your answer, 6-7pm #DivestFromWar #MoveTheMoney#PeaceNotWar #GDAMS #GCOMS Pax Christi GCOMS – Global Campaign on Military Spending … and in these photos you can see what some people thought they would […]

The Cost of Military Spending April 2018

Before and after the bombing of Syria by UK, US and French forces, Women in Black protested outside parliament, the prime minister’s residence and at our weekly vigils.

Syria: Women in Black respond