Disarmament Week; 25 October 2017

The world spends £2.96 billion a day on the military; in Disarmament Week, London Women in Black suggested some ways in which states and civil society could change this.

Nuclear Ban Treaty – September 2017

On 20 September 2017, the nuclear ban treaty was opened for signatures by UN member states, with over 50 signing up on the first day. But not the UK government – naturally Women in Black in London took the first opportunity to call on our government to sign this important new treaty.

Stop the Arms Fair, Vigils 6 & 13 September 2017

As one of the world’s largest arms fairs takes place in London, Women in Black are asking Londoners and visitors to the city, to show their opposition. The Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is heavily subsidized by the UK government, which uses it to promote the sale of UK-manufactured arms to countries at war […]

Stop Sexual violence in Ethiopia; 23 August 2017

In solidarity with Ethiopian women activists, our vigil this week focused on the sexual violence, mainly against women, which has followed the state of emergency declared last year in Ethiopia, and which is carried out by the state authorities often against women who oppose the government, or members of ordinary civil society.

9 August 2017: Against the Arms Fair

With a month to go before London hosts the DSEI Arms Fair, we highlight how arms sales – despite what governments say – fail to provide women with the real security they need. and we called on Londoners to oppose the arms fair, urging passers-by to: Take Part in the Week of Action – 4-11 […]

19 July 2017: Why WiB oppose militarism and war

Sometimes we don’t have a particular theme for our vigil, and that’s when we go back to basics and use our silent presence and our leaflets to explain why Women in Black oppose militarism and war. This is the leaflet we used in July 2017.

Election; 10 May 2017

In May there was a surprising election – called by the government in a bid to increase its majority….London Women in Black had some other ideas and called on the public to  vote for parties with policies that encourage security, equality and human rights….